MA – Terrorism and Homeland Security

BA – Middle East


University of Cordoba


Dr. Manuel Moyano – Spain

Dr. Samuel Feldberg – Brazil


Co Funded and executed the creation of the Brazilian branch of global education organization StandWithUs, based in Los Angeles, United State.



Andre Lajst

The Palestinian leadership addiction on the ongoing conflict with Israel and its unwillingness to sing a final status agreement with Israel that would end the conflict with no further demands

The Palestinian Israeli conflict is discussed in many universities, especially in the US and Israel and some colleges in Europe. Most of the studies available to students are based on the history of the conflict in a political, social and military way. This research will search the core issues of the reasons of both sides of not signing a peace deal, the psychological and selfinterested economic reasons for officials not wishing to sign a peace deal. The importance of this work, after it is finished, it is to inform people around the globe, especially the decision-makers of both sides of the conflict, in order to influence, somehow, the perception they have in dealing with the negotiation. There are many misconceptions about the conflict in the world, for both sides, and many political usages of the conflict in different countries, which may affect this particular country to be an effective partner in the peace process for aligning itself with a specific side of the conflict. The starting hypothesis is about the willingness to accept the end of the conflict and the end of all demands. The Hypothesis says that there are figures and actors on both sides that are not willing to sign any document that will end the conflict and will end all demands. For them, the end of the conflict and end of all diamonds are an end of the cause they lived for many years. There are agendas behind the cause and a whole industry of propaganda, money and political power to sustain this structure. Maintaining the conflict is the only guarantee they have to preserve the cause for not dying and changing.