MA – Political Science

BA – Political Science


University of Cordoba



Dr. Einat Leibal Hess – Israel


Lecturer at the Al – Ahleiah College Jerusalem.



Fawaz Hani Awadallah

Functional analysis of the psychosocial variables involved in the processes of recruitment and violent radicalization in east Jerusalem.

Political and religious mobilization can generate extreme violent acts in contexts characterized by polarization between groups where terrorism and insurgent movements are prototypes.

The troubled scenario in the Middle East, and especially in Israel and Palestine, is just an example. The strategy of dealing between Israelis and Palestinians is characterized by bias prejudices, collective polarization, extremism and threats to

Therefore, we can say that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is rooted in violence on both sides and a structural problem that will continue for years, without any short-term solution.

A large number of measures to confront this conflict that have been implemented in recent years are not based on scientific evidence and have not been accurately evaluated.

Therefore, economic means, time and human resources are often invested without ensuring that the measures that are implemented are effective. In view of this fact, the proposed doctoral research will study this phenomenon by using scientific method and will offer guidelines for policies aimed at the political and social confrontation of extremism and terrorism which will be based on empirical evidence.
The proposed doctoral research will examine the following questions: Which factors contribute to extremism and which factors can limit the expansion of extremist ideas?

How can we interfere with Muslims and non-Muslims in order to strengthen social
integration and reduce levels of prejudice and discrimination between groups?