MA – Pathway Management in Education

BA – Education


Sumy State University 


Dr. Einat Leibal Hess – Israel


Class Educator, Grade Level Coordinator & Management Team Member



Limor Dahari

The window of opportunity for success in children with behavioral problems in Israel: Factors, characteristics, and treatment methods.

The common denominator of all the students was that they suffered from various behavioral problems. I have developed for these students a treatment plan, taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses. The basis for starting treatment was to gain the student's trust in me. I have documented the process from the moment they entered my classroom in order to update and change the intervention plan. It was important to me that the students experience success from the moment they joined my class. One experience of success will bring with it motivation and a sequence of further successes. My goal was to bring these students to self-fulfillment and high self-esteem that lead to further success. Throughout the year, these students experienced successes in the academic field, emotional field, and social field.

Based on my many years of experience, the research question arose: what causes the change that leads to the students' success after joining my class?

To answer this question, I will conduct an intervention and follow-up study of a group of 30 students aged 8-6 years. There are three possibilities for conducting the intervention and follow-up study. The first possibility is to build an intervention plan, monitor the implementation of the plan, and then analyze the progress of each of the children from the beginning until the end of the intervention. The second possibility is to develop and implement an intervention program for several children in the present, and then to compare the state of these children with that of the students I have taught in the past. A third possibility is to conduct an intervention program and implement it on children in my class and then compare the results with those of students from other classes.