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Manal Shibli

Inheritance of Arab women between Traditions and Israeli law: Literal and Legal perspective


According to research literature, f family structure in conservative societies around the world had played a vital rule in bypassing of legislative laws provided legislators of the area.  laws when it comes to conservative societies around the world. It is safe to say that such avoidance of general laws and following the specific laws of the family is a common g these societies. (Mondal 2021). Arab Muslim society in Israel Is no exception.

Research Question:  To what extent an Arab Muslim women receiving their rights in inheritance in Israel between the legal system and family traditional system?

sub-questions: which side is more affective in providing such inheritance?

What alternative can these women receive as an alternative to losing their properties to their male relatives in the family. (money etc.)

this study considers how questions of family structure and property rights contribute to the creation of legal subjects and demonstrates the significance of the politico-economic context of rights formulation

significance of this research:

This research opens a door on a subject that has not opened before by providing a line of literal investigations in bringing feminist rights discourse into conversation with between family and social system from one side and the ethical legal system on the other side.  There are different studies that were conducted from social and economic perspective for example the study of (Abu Yonis 2016) who researched the "inheritance rights of Muslim women in the Palestinian society in Israel: religion vs tradition", however, her study did not discuss the relationship to the Israeli legal system.  An inclusive study conducted about " women, property and Islam from 1920-1990", It is safe to say that this study also focused on what religion allow and prohibit and what is right and wrong ethically, however, no mention to the effect of the Israeli legal system. (moors 2011). The Israeli system had dealt with many cases in his courts, examining such cases would contribute greatly to the research field. Being a lawyer who has to deal with such cases encourage me to shed a light in such perspective.