MA – Education

BA – Education


Sumy State University – Uknraine



Dr. Einat Leibal Hess – Israel


Homeroom teacher and school coordinator.



Nada Younis

The relationships of adolescents with their parents and peer group.

The current research will be focusing on the coping of Arab adolescents, who live in Israel, with stressful everyday life events. This research topic can increase the persisting knowledge about adolescents' worlds, and wherefore stems its academic significance. It's important to note the fact that adolescents' worlds are a complicated topic that interacts with an entire arrayal of personal and environmental life factors. Adolescents' stress as a symptom of anxiety is harming for their quality of life, self-conception, and societal normative communicative skills. Thus, the findings of the current research may contribute to the persisting knowledge by examining the subjects' levels of self-awareness and wellbeing in the face of the varied features of their casual stress.

The relationships of adolescents with their parents and peer group are an eminently significant part of the chores they must undertake during their development. Such relationships serve as the cornerstone of normal development. However, when an adolescent's role in their family, society, or peer group is taken in an indefinitely, vaguely, and not safely way then the task of growing up becomes increasingly challenging and complicated. This may result from the fact that adolescent's relationships with their parents and peer group are being constantly transformed during adolescence, a phenomenon that concern and bother many adolescents. The passage from childhood to adolescence might undermine and shake their social status, since they are neither belong to a children group nor to the adults one. The path for acquiring a well-defined social, independent, and separated identity is closely inked to an effort of separating and distancing from one's parents, on the one hand, and to a creation of an augmented and complex relationship with one's peer group, on the other hand.

The objectives which are posed by the current research are to examine the cognitive styles, wellbeing, characteristics of a self-perceived awareness and self-experienced stress of adolescents as they are manifested through their experience of social anxiety.