MA – – Management and Organization Of Educational System

BA – Social Sciences, Multidisciplinary


University of Cordoba


Dr. Cristina M. García – Spain Dr. Einat Leibal Hess – Israel


Elementary school an Alternative Teacher.



Reham Salh

The relationship between the school principal's leadership and teachers' absences.

This study deals with the relationship between the school principal's leadership styles and teacher absences.

Kotter (1988) defined leadership as the process of motivating a group (or groups) of people in some direction other than through coercion. According to Popper (2007), a leader has the ability to shape the behavior of followers and motivate people. He gives a personal example, creates a commitment of "above and beyond", delegates authority, gives meaning to action and provides emotional and intellectual stimulation to his people. Through the "transformational leadership" style, the school principal inspires his teachers to bring them to organizational success. This kind of inspiration for teachers helps them and advances them toward a significant change in attitudes toward the teaching profession in a positive sense. Not only that, but leadership of this kind creates teachers' sense of ownership of the school organization, encourages new ways of solving problems, and promotes lifelong learning for all members of the organization (Popper, 1994; Avolio, 2011).


Aim of the study is to examine the relationship between school principal leadership and teacher absences.