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Sandara Berkovich

How to manage an inclusion kindergarten.

The kindergarten vision and "i believe" as a team rests on prof. reuven feuerstein's principles of mediation and theory and the idea of ​​inclusion that leads the principles of working in special education. feuerstein himself, leans on two important and well-known theorists in the field of learning: piaget vygotsky. the two main theories developed by feuerstein and his partners are "theory of structural cognitive variability theory" and the theory of experience in mediated learning. theories focus primarily on encouraging and providing tools for improving mediated teaching. in designing environments that allow for a personal change of the child in relation to himself. all methods are derived from the central principle, which emphasizes the possibility of a person changing, at any age and mental state, in response to a new situation or stimulus that requires such a change and regardless of what brought them to their current state.