MA – Educational Systems Administration

BA – Special Education


University of Cordoba



Dr. Einat Leibal Hess – Israel


Personal stylist, conducts workshops for styling and empowering women, writes two regular sections in several local newspapers.



Yasmin Shokat Gabay

Towards the empowerment and wellbeing of middle-aged Mizrahi women: An evaluation of personal and psychosocial variables and implementation of an educational programme.

The problem is that many women do not relate to the clothes they wear because there is a tendency to think that dealing with clothes and fashion is shallow and unimportant. Many women are between the ages of 40 and 50 at a dead end and cannot find a way forward on both the personal and professional levels. The purpose of this study is to enable women who do not believe in themselves and do not see themselves undergo a significant process of self-discovery, empowerment, and the ability to do things they love for themselves through a behavioral program that is entirely styling.


Through an empowering program based on styling and strengthening the inner self of the woman while breaking social schemas, the woman will undergo a process of discovering her powers, talents and aspirations and will take the first steps for herself. The external change will lead to an inner-thought change and help change her life or part of it.