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Is there a connection between the education inclusion and the increase in motivation for learning in children with ADD in the middle school in the Arab sector in the northern part of Israel?

1. General Background 

Is there a link between the bride and the increased motivation to learn in children diagnosed with attention and concentration difficulties without hyperactive ADD

Today, the educational discourse in Israel focuses on the issue of inclusion and integration of children with special needs in regular education and providing equal opportunity for all students while implementing the Special Education Law enacted in 1988, which revolutionizes the provision of special services to the population of special needs students in Israel (Gampel, 1999). 

On the other hand, the articles by Razer, Mittelberg, Mottola and Bar-Hoshen indicate that although schools are supposed to be social inclusion agents for students with special needs, they become social exclusion agents for various reasons such as low teacher quality that affects student grades, low expectations, school dropouts, lack of cohesive methods tailored to this population, lack of personal relationship between teacher and student. Difficulty in containing these students is a major factor in the feelings of disappointment and ongoing failure that often leads to latent dropouts of students with special needs. (Razer, Mittelberg, Mottola and Bar-Hoshen. 2013) More appropriate for all students in society, while recognizing the right of those with special needs (Razer et al., 2013).

Children with ADHD are considered children with special needs. This disorder is very common among school children. And it is considered a mental and cultural disorder that needs special education response, and requires increased care and treatment for students diagnosed with this disorder in order to save on growing gaps, academic, emotional and social gaps (Bachar Katz, Hillel Lavian, 2010) integrating students with special needs in regular education such as students With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on a spectrum employs education staff and parents as well as parents while understanding that integrating children with special needs is a recognition of their right to equality and fairness in receiving education in their natural environment (Bachar Katz, Hillel Lavian, 2010).